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      My name is Jeremy Philabaum. I am the owner and operator of Philabaum Heating and Air Conditioning. I started my company from scratch in April of 2023 after nearly a decade of experience in the industry. My motivation was simple. While I do have a desire for independence and the ability to provide for my wife and children, my true motivation was to serve customers. I have experienced the large company business model firsthand, and through sales training and marketing tactics, their goals always seem to be in service of themselves by teaching the employees to serve the company. This is flawed practice. The job of those in charge is to serve their employees. When properly served by their leaders, the employees will then properly serve the customer. A properly served customer will serve the company and its owner by CHOOSING them for their service needs. 

       Virtually all companies are going to claim this practice however, anyone who has done business with some of these larger companies knows otherwise. While my goal is to grow larger, I do not intend to be blinded by greed. To combat the temptation I am designing a business model that fundamentally opposes centralizing authority and profits within the company. It is my hope to build a company where every employee is carefully selected to ensure they are a proper fit to manage shared responsibility and authority, as well as benefit from a profit sharing business model. I believe this will ensure every member of the company truly cares about all the qualities that make a customer want to choose them over the competition. 

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